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      I've been very happy with the cleaning services at DulwichCarpetCleaning. I've used a few different services including carpets, and deep cleaning and they always do an amazing job.
Gary Hobbs19/05/2020
     We have been using the DulwichCarpetCleaners for over a year now. They are consistent, honest, and most importantly do a wonderful job!
Barbera P.19/09/2019
     So, when it came to my end of tenancy cleaning I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. This didn't even have the chance to be problem though because I had DulwichCarpetCleaning to help me. I was impressed with their staff and ability, which saw my home cleaned thoroughly. Dust was removed, floors were vacuumed, stains banished and much more. I was almost sad to leave my now clean house for another, which is aw as the perfect proof of the good job they did.
Emily Atkins18/12/2014
     I recently had an operation which didn't allow me stretch or lift heavy objects. As such I couldn't do much cleaning except vacuuming. The house was in dire need of a deep clean so I decided to hire DulwichCarpetCleaning based on a friend's recommendation. I am happy to say that I was very pleased with the job they did and how they did it. The three cleaning ladies arrived right on time and worked for three hours at a stretch without a break. They were also very friendly and sweet to deal with. I am very pleased with them.
Megan S.04/12/2014
     When my wife and I were expecting our first baby we found that we didn't have a lot of time to do cleaning work and we decided to bring in a cleaner. We gave DulwichCarpetCleaning a trial and were very impressed with the work they did. They have done all the day to day cleaning activities we hoped they would and more and we have had them help us with carpet cleaning, scrubbing and sterilising shower tiles and the bathroom and cleaning the oven, the oven hood and the kitchen floor to a very high standard indeed.
Rob V.14/11/2014
     Curtain cleaning is something DulwichCarpetCleaning clearly specialise in. I rang them up as my curtains needed a clean and they gave me a reasonable quote. The cleaner arrived promptly and with a great attitude set about getting those curtains as clean as possible. I must say that by the end of the job the curtains all looked uniformly spectacular. Who would have thought that my old curtains could look shop new once more? Well, they do now thanks to this cleaning service and I will be recommending them to anyone I know who needs a similar job done in the future as well as using them more myself.
G. Pike09/10/2014
     The job of cleaning is getting a little difficult, thanks to my health issues. But thanks to DulwichCarpetCleaning I don't have to worry about things getting out of hand. I gave them a quick call, and a cleaner was around the very next day. They took care of all of the hard to reach places, and make the house look twenty years younger! I get in touch with them every week, and the end result always cheers me up. I really needed the help, so it's good to know that there are options out there for people like me!
Sonia S.21/08/2014
     I have just had my upholstery professionally cleaned in my home and it simply looks great. The cleaning company called DulwichCarpetCleaning was great to deal with from start to finish. I arranged a date for the cleaning service and was greeted by two friendly staff that arrived on time to start the work. After a while my upholstery on my sofas looked so clean and bright. I was so pleased with the results and the cost was good too. I would suggest anybody considering cleaning their upholstery of their home furnishings to get in touch with this company. The work they did was fab.
Felicia Force24/07/2014
     When I called up DulwichCarpetCleaning, I didn't quite know what I was getting into. I was unsure if they were the solution I needed for my cleaning chores. I soon found that they were exactly what I was looking for. Over the phone, their operators convinced me of their ability and experience so I had to hire them. I did this with a free quote so I got a great price. Their staff acme to my address and they swiftly washed up, vacuumed the floors and more until my house was spotless and tidy. If anyone is unsure about contacting them, I can assure you that it's a great idea.
M. King20/06/2014
     I'm terrible when it comes to cleaning. Even when I read the instructions on cleaning products I always seem to go wrong, and my house always looked messy and unclean even when I put in more than enough time and effort! I'm just terrible at cleaning, and so I decided to try a professional cleaning company. DulwichCarpetCleaning are definitely a lot better than me, and my home always looks professionally clean now. There's not an inch of my house that is left forgotten, and everything is shiny and sparkly when my cleaner leaves. This is a wonderful cleaning company - thank you for all of the help!
Emma and #1042;.17/04/2014
     My three bedroom house has carpet all throughout (except the kitchen and bathroom). I wanted to bring some life to the carpets as they were looking a little dull and discoloured. I had an event coming up for which I wanted the carpets cleaned, but many companies said that I had to wait until after the event. However DulwichCarpetCleaning was more than happy to complete the work before the event, which was great! They cleaned each and every carpet consistently so that each carpet had the same amount of care. My carpets looked as good as new and all my guests were complimenting me during the event.
Fred Park27/03/2014
     Hiring a professional cleaning company was something I was really interested in doing but I didn't know how to begin my search! There were so many companies out there that looked really good but I was uncomfortable about letting people I didn't know into my home. I read some good reviews about DulwichCarpetCleaning and decided to just bite the bullet and call them. I'm so glad that I did! I never have to worry about cleaning ever again now that I have the help of this fantastically skilled and wonderfully friendly cleaning company! Thank you for all the help!
Sarah J.20/01/2014
     As a manager at a particular office of a large global company it is very difficult to endorse anything, so I won't mention who I work for. What I would say is that we approached DulwichCarpetCleaning some time ago to take over our office cleaning. As a large office block we have specific and very large man power requirements, and we were surprised when they happily accommodated those needs, as many other companies were pushed by such demands. I would recommend their services to any business out there, these guys are good.

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